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Name:☇ Lightning
woooo it's lightning wooooo


Name: Lightning / Claire Farron
Series: Final Fantasy XIII
Age: Physically 21ish.
Height: 171cm / 5'7"
Hair color: Light pink
Eye color: Green-blue
Other characteristics: Very athletic and clearly trained for battle; almost always somewhat tense and/or serious; kind of looks like she has false lashes and lip gloss on most of the time anyway. Click one of these for an official picture:

Timeline: Near end of Lightning Returns, right after finally dealing with Lumina / realizing what's been going on with Serah.
Wing color: Left is white, right is black; both have some primaries and other random feathers in 1-3 other colors dependent on what she's wearing.

Clothing: Lightly layered (and very likely elaborate, zippered-up, and/or with fancy fastenings) tops + skirt + shorts (or leggings if its chilly) underneath; clothing tends to be neutral colored with brighter accents, but broad strokes of wilder hues are possible; belt(s); knee-high boots or boots in general; fingerless gloves; occasionally jewelry or various other accessories.
Weapons: Owns a large number of large sharp things- likely carrying a knife or two just in case, but typically, seemingly unarmed unless otherwise noted. Has the ability to hammerspace weapons and gear with only mild restriction.

Tl;dr of powers: Elemental magic as free attacks or attached to a weapon (thunder, fire, blizzard, aero, ruin), ridiculous sword and acrobatic skills, supernatural strength and guarding/healing skills, abrupt instantaneous wardrobe changes, ability to slow/stop time, saving/manipulation/creation of souls, resistance to Chaos, control of gravity/inertia, ability to inflict poison/curse/imperil/debrave/deshell.

Game stuff: Permissions || LJ tracking || DW tracking

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